Psychotherapy and counselling are processes of exploration undertaken by the therapist and client together. 

The client is encouraged to reflect on matters during regular 50 minute sessions. 

Feelings, thoughts, wishes, memories and dreams can be explored within the confidential relationship between therapist and client, and individuals can be helped to understand unconscious processes which affect everyday thought and behaviour. In this way, psychotherapy may gradually bring about a greater degree of self-understanding and self-awareness, and enable the individual to find more appropriate ways of being – and coping with difficulties. 

You will be invited to attend one or more initial sessions where you will have the opportunity to discuss the main issues affecting you.  Together we will decide on the best course of plan – and how often and how long you should be in therapy. This arrangement, we call the counselling contract.  

I offer both long and short-term psychotherapy to clients, in English and Brazilian Portuguese languages.

Short-term therapy can last from 12 weeks to 6 months – on a once a week basis. Longer-term therapy varies from 1 year to an open ended agreement, and sometimes can be more than once a week.

You do not have to be referred by a GP or other medical practitioner  – however you will be asked for your GP details. 

Please ask for further details if you have any concerns.

The fee for an initial consultation is £100, the fee for subsequent sessions can be negotiable.